Day: February 9, 2022

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Kiwi Kids News

Title Queen celebrates 70 years on the throne.
Summary This story is about the queen and her celebration on the throne, she’s been doing this for 70 years. They will release footage of the queen viewing some famous jubiless. This is the day known as the accession day about the throne.
Rating, why? ? out of 10 because I know nothing about the Queen 


Title Canterbury sheep hit’s tik tok fame
Summary It’s basically a sheep being famous because of it’s funny looks and there’s more reasons.

Normally the sheeps posts on social media and hits 7 million views.

The sheep makes funny videos like, sleeping on the couch, or going on the neighbours rose garden. And that’s one of the reasons why this sheep deserves tik tok.

Rating, why? (8.5/10) It’s the king of sheeps and very funny looking. The writing is way more specific and that’s why I was so interested in this story.