Day: February 10, 2022

The time a volcano erupted and Mr goodwin recorded it for clout

Once upon a time there was this man named Matt Goodwin and he was in samoa for a vacation in the summer holidays, he ate all this food. Then he ate a lot of sour water and got hungry, “Ahhhh this is so sour” he yelled. 


Meanwhile there was a shake in the ground and everyone gasped looking at a volcano erupting, the smoke was getting intense and the air was getting thin. “Breaking news” The News reporter yelled, there is a volcano that is erupting in the island of Samoa. This was a terrifying event for Matt to experience. Instead of running away he was too exuberant to run so decided he should record a tiktok for some clout and money because his plane flight back will be expensive.


The end.

Imagine eating sour water