Day: May 2, 2022

Shrek’s about me

Hey there. I am an Ogre that lives in a swamp. Also I’m happy all the time. My name is Shrek and I always like to live lonely in a kingdom far far away, and I love my swamp very much. I am a light  green skin Ogre that lives alone in a swamp far far away. I am super tall and I have long ears that pop out. I live alone in a swamp, and I mostly like showering in mud to keep me clean. I also like fish for my dinner. I have lived in my swamp for a long time. I have layers like an onion. I like food such as fish or toast, my favourite friend is Donkey who actually annoys me sometimes. And I have a beautiful wife named Fiona. I like eyeballs on toast.

Term 2 2022 – immersion assembly!

Hello my name is Chaun and today was my first day back at school.

Today we had an early immersion Assembly and half of the time it was boring, Team one was about finding a bee so they ran away from the bees. Team two’s item was about Pirates and navigating certain various landmarks, also the captain had to find some of the clothing with a compass. Team three did an item about who is smarter by answering questions about coding or navigation. The children won and now they are smarter than the teachers. Team four made a movie/item about QR codes to show their way around the school. Lastly Team five (My favorite team) made a story time about two robots and two kids (Latini and Rachelle) Michelle was the silly kid that was never paying attention (my teacher acted as that kid) Also Mrs Ilaoa came back from watching over her daughter (Ave maria) The Assembly was overall boring because I was still too tired.