The basketball game part 1

 One day there was a boy named Roman. He was extremely good at basketball until he decided to put together a team of good players. He had found some experts at basketball with tall people and short people  but they were all equally the same skill; their names were Chaun (The centre) Roman (The shooting guard) Julius (The small forward) Lucian (The power forward) And Lincoln (The point guard). They had started practising team plays on an open streetball court. As they were practising there was a group of boys approaching them, “They look good” Lincoln said. There was one extremely fast boy named bronson. “He was the fastest and best on the team, he’s gotta be the point guard,” Julius said.


the other team had walked up on them “You wanna go 5v5 streetball?” Exodus said, “We have a deal, if we win, you guys can’t come back to this court and you gotta practice somewhere else” Said Israel, he also said “But if you win we will never pick on you guys again”  “Deal!!” Lincoln shouted in a loud voice. So they began the game with a couple of spectators watching as they thought this would be entertaining, It really was entertaining with both teams at 10 points already. “I’m ready!” Chaun shouted as the team were gonna attempt to do a team play. They passed it to each other with Chaun making an alley oop that Roman had set up for. 


It’s the last quarter with Bronson’s team in a spicy lead of 44-30, Lucian’s team was struggling as Jezer’s team had the handles of the ball but Jezer’s team has had many uncalled fouls as the game went on. Julius’s team had tried to keep up with all the small injuries but they just couldn’t make it. Until Roman made a clean Lay up for 2 more points but the other team had scored 3 three pointers as the other team assumed as luck. The game was about to end with 20 seconds on the clock. Team 1 had scored one more lay up on the 5 seconds dot but they knew it was over for them. They left in embarrassment as they couldn’t go back there to practice. But right before that team one had declared a rematch on team 2 but indoors so the floor isn’t slippery and they said “Let’s make it fair so that means no fouling can be made in this game” Team 2 all said “Deal!!”


So now that team 1 had an upcoming game indoors, they decided to start practising on more team plays to beat Bronson’s team. They did outrageous team plays as they were for sure going to beat the other team. They made at least 50 Three pointers in a row as others were amazed at these guys’ effort they put in, there would also be a commentator to call the fouls that would happen throughout the game. Bronson’s team had showed up at last and said “Let’s have a good game everybody!!” The person had throwed up the jump ball as the tallest from both teams (Chaun and Exodus)


They jumped and Chaun had won by an inch taller and Julius went on defence to catch any of the rebounds that the ball made. Lincoln and Lucian went on Offence and Chaun and Roman went and stuck together for a little passing play towards the other team. Lincoln had caught the ball and crossed everyone to get a shot in the hoop. It was an easy 2-0 for a starter match. It was the 1st quarter with Roman’s team winning 20-15 as most of the goals were simple lay ups but effective lay ups.


To be continued…


I will do a part 2 later my hands hurt

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