Year 8 leadership camp – Highlights!

Hello my name is Chaun and today I will explain my highlights at camp.

To start with here’s a little quote we learnt: (O le ala ile pule o le tautua) Which means. The path to leadership is through service.

Anyways here was one of my highlights. In our school leadership camp we had some fun activities like rockclimbing, Shooting or even scary stuff like a tall flying fox. My all time favorite from all of them has got to be the Archery and the Air rifles. I liked those ones because I’ve been expecting to shoot a gun for a long time (My team won the archery as we got 246 points with no bullseyes)

My second highlight of the camp was getting together with my friends and making new friends along the way. Even though most people got sick after camp (Also myself got sick) We still had loads and loads of fun at camp when we were well and healthy.

I had one more highlight at camp and it was overcoming my fears like heights when I had some turns o0n the flying fox. There were different types of ways you could go down, one was called the spiderman (You had to go down the flying fox upside down.)

I had one lowlight during camp and it was the rain all day that stopped us from having the confidence course. and it stopped us from having the campfire.

That was all of my highlights and lowlights of this camp. Overall I really enjoyed and wished I went back to enjoy with my friends again.  I hope the future year 8’s have lots of fun next year at camp and I hope they have more confidence for more stuff at the future camps.

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