Month: July 2022

KPMG Trip!

Today a group of 31 kids went on a trip into a city for a office tour and some activities to the KPMG tower in auckland city. We left early in the morning around 9:00-9:10 am and it took around 20 minutes to get to our destination. First we had to go through an introduction with various amounts of people who work there. KPMG is all about accounting and fanancial advisors.

Next we went on an office tour around the whole building and all the floors looked exactly the same with a lot of office moniters and little cubic spaces for the meetings and zoom calls. we went in groups of 5-6-7 people and my group were the only year 8 boys group. We saw the CEO of the whole company doing a zoom call in one of the cubic rooms so he was isolated.

Next we went on several different floors with the same thing over and over again. We finished that and came back to this room called the infinity room and it is a room where the visitors come and/or hang out. We went in there for our morning tea and it was Sausage rolls with tomato sauce and scones with jam and whipped cream. it was super delicious.

We went and did our first activity and it was about photoshopping. so first we went and took a green screen picture in random costumes we found on a table and we could choose through a various amount of background pictures for our photoshop background. There was a photoshop profession who did all 31 of our pictures and we gave her a huge thank you after that.

Then we had our lunch staright after that. The lunch we got served Chicken tenders, Small burgers on sticks, Egg and lettuce salad (Which was surprisingly delicous) also we had fruit kebabs with more orange juice for a drink. We could also dive in for seconds if we were even more hungry.

The next activity we did was playdough making into a person so we could make an animation with photos of the playdough man moving constantly. I couldn’t finish it so I just played around with it. Finally we packed up and said a huge thank you to the staff of the company and overall, this was an amazing experience on seeing what it’s like to see what it’s like to be an accountant.

Literacy activity: Sour test

Today me and my literacy class did a fun activity and we did a blindfold taste test and I did it in my pair with my friend and we did a taste test with sour lollies but at the start we had no idea what it was. We had to slowly feel it in our hand and we used almost all our senses such as our feeling and/or smelling. My highlight was my friends trying to convince me into thinking it was gonna be something disgusting.

I tried 2 of them. One of them being blue (Probably meaning blueberry) and yellow (Probably meaning lemon) both of them tasted and felt the same as they were from the same branded company. It was shaped like a ball and had a sugar coating on it for the distinguished sour taste in your mouth although I had no reaction at all and overall I give the sour part a 5/10 for how sour it was. Also overall on how good it was, I give it a 9/10. My friend started crying beause it was too sour for him.

Immersion assembly: Term 3

Hi my name is Chaun. Today we had our first day back at school for term 3.

We started off with our school immersion assembly and I almost fell asleep because of how tired I was. On the brightside we were doing our assembly inside like old times. We started off with some explanations on the new topic for this term. and I think I’ll do good this term because it’s about art.

My favorite times of the assembly were the team 5 item because I’m biased. They cosplayed beauty and the beast when they reeanacted the song and the scene of the movie. My lowlight of the assembly was how long it was.