Year: 2022

Forearm investigation!!

Hello my name is chaun and today I did an investigation on my forearm length. First we needed to measure out the whole classes forearm span with a ruler. next we needed to find the average size in year 8 boys and girls and year 7 boys and girls. I got help from my friends and we finished it with no hestation. overall this was super fun to do

Punctuation mastery

Hello my name is chaun and today this is my second writing task, It was about imporving on your punctuation, Such as Capital letters, Commas, Quotation marks and Apostrophe. First I had to correct various different questions with the right punctuations. Although it was long, it was also super easy.

Show not tell

Hello my name is chaun and today this was a blog about describing certain sentences to have more better writing. first i had to use 6 different simple sentences and i had to tell by describing it so it looks more descriptive. next i had to make my own simple sentences, i finished all of them. and overall this was super fun to learn.

My hand span investigation!!

Hello my name is chaun and today we learnt about our hand span. first we got a ruler and measured all of my class (room 3) measured our hands, mine was the biggest in the class. we also had to find the average for all of the students in my class, overall all of this was fun an I really find statistics interesting!!


My own writing challenge

Once there was this boy named woedk, he was sad because he kept having flashbacks of his backstory. He was never happy with his eerie backstory because it was about 5 school shootings in 1 month. Suddenly, another shooting was about to happen, his spidey senses were tingling hard!! It wasn’t actually wasn’t a school shooting but he fainted and woke up in a dark hallway. He was fearless of what was inside so he walked in without a single flinch. There was a tall black figure that attacked him, he fainted again and woke up happy again without a single memory of his backstory.