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Speech summarising: Smoking and Vaping

Today I have to write a summary or a self reflection on my speech

My speech is:

Introduction: Hook


Writing: Addiction. Death. Smoking. Vaping. Sound familiar? Well then all of you should know about vapes and cigarettes, right? Well then you should know about all those bad influencers that vape or smoke, right? Right, well I will be telling you why you shouldn’t be smoking or vaping and why it should be illegal.


Middle 1#: Vape/Cigarette prices


You shouldn’t be spending an abnormally high amount of money for a small pack of cigarettes that could harm one’s heart with heart failure and blood pressure. The prices on these products are well over $50, due to research there are about 249 billion cigarettes brought in an average per year. That is about $4.9 googleplex  (Meaning 4.9 with 100 zeros) which is a really large number that could be a good use of money for actual harmful causes throughout the world. 


Middle 2#: Vaping/Smoking causes of death


No one needs to be inhaling any of these bad substances because these could lead to possible or certified death. There are around an average of 5,000 deaths per year from lung cancer that the cigarettes could produce in your body. Vapes can also cause death with approximately 60 deaths per year from constant vaping and addiction to the product.


Middle 3#: Vaping/Smoking side effects


You don’t have to smoke cigarettes because it’s certified that they all contain nicotine. They can carry things like lung cancer as I said before. Nicotine could addict you to smoking much more than you could before. Vapes can carry nicotine as well, even though you can have a nice flavour while vaping, it is wrong to be vaping because the flavour could cut you off from stopping to vape. 


Conclusion: Conclusion


And that is just some of the reasons why you should stop being a drug addict and why these products should be illegal in all and most countries. There are still several more reasons to stop doing these and you could just search online. But that’s just the majority of reasons to stop doing these things. The end.



I really liked my speech and I really think if people look into this they could stop doing these bad things. I think I spoke loud enough that the whole room could hear me. Also I liked the pace I gave on my speech to everyone so no one had to wait and listen for a long time. And lastly I think that I gave everyone a huge message about smoking and vaping