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Literacy activity: Sour test

Today me and my literacy class did a fun activity and we did a blindfold taste test and I did it in my pair with my friend and we did a taste test with sour lollies but at the start we had no idea what it was. We had to slowly feel it in our hand and we used almost all our senses such as our feeling and/or smelling. My highlight was my friends trying to convince me into thinking it was gonna be something disgusting.

I tried 2 of them. One of them being blue (Probably meaning blueberry) and yellow (Probably meaning lemon) both of them tasted and felt the same as they were from the same branded company. It was shaped like a ball and had a sugar coating on it for the distinguished sour taste in your mouth although I had no reaction at all and overall I give the sour part a 5/10 for how sour it was. Also overall on how good it was, I give it a 9/10. My friend started crying beause it was too sour for him.