Remembering: Finding the volume in 3D cones

Today my teacher told me to make a poster about what I should remember for my maths work. I needed to remember my volume and how to find the volume of a 3D cone. All I really need to remember is the formulae/sum of the question. Overall I really did learn something new and fun. ๐Ÿ™‚


Fun participation activity with my class

Today, me and my class (Room 4) did an activity that revolves around our class treaty and our rules we made up for our class strike rules. First we had to make a bridge that could hold the weight of a small light dice. That one was probably one of the easier activities that we did. The bridge wasn’t that complicating to make but we still need to work on our agreements and our teamwork. Secondly we had to create a tower that could withstand itself without anyone holding it, we didn’t win but we made a house out of straws.

After that, we did a challenge where we needed to make a 4 up high tower but we had to stack it with a rubber band that has 4 knots tied on it from each corner. We messed up quite a bit but after a while we accomplished the challenge without coming last. Finally, we did our last challenge which we needed to stack the cups as high as we could, we came first as the first to use all the cups. Overall, my highlight was getting to meet some people in my class that i usually never have discussions with. and my second highlight was the contributing that was happening throughout the fun activities.


Maori: He aha to hia hia

Today we did a Maori task on trying to do a conversation with the saying “He aha To Hiahia” and we also attempted to do a normal Maori conversation. Think I did good? Overall it was super fun but also insanely easy ๐Ÿ™‚

Here is our attempt at having a conversation (Not really a conversation)