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Speech summarising: Smoking and Vaping

Today I have to write a summary or a self reflection on my speech

My speech is:

Introduction: Hook


Writing: Addiction. Death. Smoking. Vaping. Sound familiar? Well then all of you should know about vapes and cigarettes, right? Well then you should know about all those bad influencers that vape or smoke, right? Right, well I will be telling you why you shouldn’t be smoking or vaping and why it should be illegal.


Middle 1#: Vape/Cigarette prices


You shouldn’t be spending an abnormally high amount of money for a small pack of cigarettes that could harm one’s heart with heart failure and blood pressure. The prices on these products are well over $50, due to research there are about 249 billion cigarettes brought in an average per year. That is about $4.9 googleplex  (Meaning 4.9 with 100 zeros) which is a really large number that could be a good use of money for actual harmful causes throughout the world. 


Middle 2#: Vaping/Smoking causes of death


No one needs to be inhaling any of these bad substances because these could lead to possible or certified death. There are around an average of 5,000 deaths per year from lung cancer that the cigarettes could produce in your body. Vapes can also cause death with approximately 60 deaths per year from constant vaping and addiction to the product.


Middle 3#: Vaping/Smoking side effects


You don’t have to smoke cigarettes because it’s certified that they all contain nicotine. They can carry things like lung cancer as I said before. Nicotine could addict you to smoking much more than you could before. Vapes can carry nicotine as well, even though you can have a nice flavour while vaping, it is wrong to be vaping because the flavour could cut you off from stopping to vape. 


Conclusion: Conclusion


And that is just some of the reasons why you should stop being a drug addict and why these products should be illegal in all and most countries. There are still several more reasons to stop doing these and you could just search online. But that’s just the majority of reasons to stop doing these things. The end.



I really liked my speech and I really think if people look into this they could stop doing these bad things. I think I spoke loud enough that the whole room could hear me. Also I liked the pace I gave on my speech to everyone so no one had to wait and listen for a long time. And lastly I think that I gave everyone a huge message about smoking and vaping

KPMG Trip!

Today a group of 31 kids went on a trip into a city for a office tour and some activities to the KPMG tower in auckland city. We left early in the morning around 9:00-9:10 am and it took around 20 minutes to get to our destination. First we had to go through an introduction with various amounts of people who work there. KPMG is all about accounting and fanancial advisors.

Next we went on an office tour around the whole building and all the floors looked exactly the same with a lot of office moniters and little cubic spaces for the meetings and zoom calls. we went in groups of 5-6-7 people and my group were the only year 8 boys group. We saw the CEO of the whole company doing a zoom call in one of the cubic rooms so he was isolated.

Next we went on several different floors with the same thing over and over again. We finished that and came back to this room called the infinity room and it is a room where the visitors come and/or hang out. We went in there for our morning tea and it was Sausage rolls with tomato sauce and scones with jam and whipped cream. it was super delicious.

We went and did our first activity and it was about photoshopping. so first we went and took a green screen picture in random costumes we found on a table and we could choose through a various amount of background pictures for our photoshop background. There was a photoshop profession who did all 31 of our pictures and we gave her a huge thank you after that.

Then we had our lunch staright after that. The lunch we got served Chicken tenders, Small burgers on sticks, Egg and lettuce salad (Which was surprisingly delicous) also we had fruit kebabs with more orange juice for a drink. We could also dive in for seconds if we were even more hungry.

The next activity we did was playdough making into a person so we could make an animation with photos of the playdough man moving constantly. I couldn’t finish it so I just played around with it. Finally we packed up and said a huge thank you to the staff of the company and overall, this was an amazing experience on seeing what it’s like to see what it’s like to be an accountant.

Year 8 leadership camp – Highlights!

Hello my name is Chaun and today I will explain my highlights at camp.

To start with here’s a little quote we learnt: (O le ala ile pule o le tautua) Which means. The path to leadership is through service.

Anyways here was one of my highlights. In our school leadership camp we had some fun activities like rockclimbing, Shooting or even scary stuff like a tall flying fox. My all time favorite from all of them has got to be the Archery and the Air rifles. I liked those ones because I’ve been expecting to shoot a gun for a long time (My team won the archery as we got 246 points with no bullseyes)

My second highlight of the camp was getting together with my friends and making new friends along the way. Even though most people got sick after camp (Also myself got sick) We still had loads and loads of fun at camp when we were well and healthy.

I had one more highlight at camp and it was overcoming my fears like heights when I had some turns o0n the flying fox. There were different types of ways you could go down, one was called the spiderman (You had to go down the flying fox upside down.)

I had one lowlight during camp and it was the rain all day that stopped us from having the confidence course. and it stopped us from having the campfire.

That was all of my highlights and lowlights of this camp. Overall I really enjoyed and wished I went back to enjoy with my friends again.  I hope the future year 8’s have lots of fun next year at camp and I hope they have more confidence for more stuff at the future camps.

The basketball game part 1

 One day there was a boy named Roman. He was extremely good at basketball until he decided to put together a team of good players. He had found some experts at basketball with tall people and short people  but they were all equally the same skill; their names were Chaun (The centre) Roman (The shooting guard) Julius (The small forward) Lucian (The power forward) And Lincoln (The point guard). They had started practising team plays on an open streetball court. As they were practising there was a group of boys approaching them, “They look good” Lincoln said. There was one extremely fast boy named bronson. “He was the fastest and best on the team, he’s gotta be the point guard,” Julius said.


the other team had walked up on them “You wanna go 5v5 streetball?” Exodus said, “We have a deal, if we win, you guys can’t come back to this court and you gotta practice somewhere else” Said Israel, he also said “But if you win we will never pick on you guys again”  “Deal!!” Lincoln shouted in a loud voice. So they began the game with a couple of spectators watching as they thought this would be entertaining, It really was entertaining with both teams at 10 points already. “I’m ready!” Chaun shouted as the team were gonna attempt to do a team play. They passed it to each other with Chaun making an alley oop that Roman had set up for. 


It’s the last quarter with Bronson’s team in a spicy lead of 44-30, Lucian’s team was struggling as Jezer’s team had the handles of the ball but Jezer’s team has had many uncalled fouls as the game went on. Julius’s team had tried to keep up with all the small injuries but they just couldn’t make it. Until Roman made a clean Lay up for 2 more points but the other team had scored 3 three pointers as the other team assumed as luck. The game was about to end with 20 seconds on the clock. Team 1 had scored one more lay up on the 5 seconds dot but they knew it was over for them. They left in embarrassment as they couldn’t go back there to practice. But right before that team one had declared a rematch on team 2 but indoors so the floor isn’t slippery and they said “Let’s make it fair so that means no fouling can be made in this game” Team 2 all said “Deal!!”


So now that team 1 had an upcoming game indoors, they decided to start practising on more team plays to beat Bronson’s team. They did outrageous team plays as they were for sure going to beat the other team. They made at least 50 Three pointers in a row as others were amazed at these guys’ effort they put in, there would also be a commentator to call the fouls that would happen throughout the game. Bronson’s team had showed up at last and said “Let’s have a good game everybody!!” The person had throwed up the jump ball as the tallest from both teams (Chaun and Exodus)


They jumped and Chaun had won by an inch taller and Julius went on defence to catch any of the rebounds that the ball made. Lincoln and Lucian went on Offence and Chaun and Roman went and stuck together for a little passing play towards the other team. Lincoln had caught the ball and crossed everyone to get a shot in the hoop. It was an easy 2-0 for a starter match. It was the 1st quarter with Roman’s team winning 20-15 as most of the goals were simple lay ups but effective lay ups.


To be continued…


I will do a part 2 later my hands hurt

Willow park fun day

Hello my name is chaun and yesterday me and team 5 went on a fun day to willow park, this was a fun trip with my friends. It was only a 30 minute drive there, there was a rec, an eating room, a little game room for table tennis and a park. Me and my friends mostly went to the rec for basketball, other people also had fun there. We also had food there such as pies and hot dogs. I liked the pies better because the mustard tasted odd (should’ve just used only tomato sauce), we could also bring our own snacks and my friend was begging to have my chips. The people there, Chris and Sue (I think that’s how you spell her name) that’s the helpers that were so happy when we came because they hadn’t seen anyone do their camp in a while due to covid. We went to the beach for an hour and a half, he and my friends made a giant whole and got hot and bored so we sat out for the rest of the beach time. We walked back and I had sand in my socks but after that I went to the rec again with friends.

Character Description

Name: Jason voorhees 


Description: He is 7 foot (estimation) and he likes to kill people for free time. He also carries a machete to eliminate people. He has had a terrifying backstory that’s why he’s the killer that he is. He has a ski mask so he doesn’t reveal his identity. He has a dirty jacket that was a part of his family. Everyone fears him whenever he approaches someone.

Hello my name is chaun and this task was about character descriptions. My choice was jason vorhees because I couldn’t think of anything else. Overall this was very fun and creative.


Hello my name is chaun and today I learnt about verbs individually. I learnt certain verbs such as past tense, present tense and furture tense. First i needed to learn the basics, then I started learning the complex learning. overall these were very fun to learn.

Punctuation mastery

Hello my name is chaun and today this is my second writing task, It was about imporving on your punctuation, Such as Capital letters, Commas, Quotation marks and Apostrophe. First I had to correct various different questions with the right punctuations. Although it was long, it was also super easy.

Show not tell

Hello my name is chaun and today this was a blog about describing certain sentences to have more better writing. first i had to use 6 different simple sentences and i had to tell by describing it so it looks more descriptive. next i had to make my own simple sentences, i finished all of them. and overall this was super fun to learn.

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