Tag: Maths

Sleeping lions! Statistical inquiry

Today I did a task about a statistical inquiry on the correlation between hours of sleep and the year groups. We had to go through these 5 phases call PPDAC (Problem, Plan, Data, Analyse and Conclusion.) After we finish we could do 3 extra special tasks that can relate to the task. This task took about 1 work week to finish off as the 5 phases were done daily.

Raro Recount: Maths/Ratio

Today I did a class maths group task on Ratio by filling up a plastic cup with raro and the raro to water ratio is 8 grams : 100 ml and each person in my group had to decide if the raro to water ratio was perfect, if there was more raro than water or if there was more water than raro. It was a quick and easy task and also after we did that we got to drink the raro. 🙂